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Read stories of those we've helped and how.

Every year, we help thousands of people from across the Civil Service community. Here are some of their stories. Sharing stories helps other people to reach out for help. If you’d like to share your story please email us.

Find stories by our support
Aiden's story

Aiden’s story

A homophobic attack left Aiden feeling vulnerable and anxious. Therapy sessions helped him to recover but the cost of them risked pushing him into debt.
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Anna's story

Anna’s story

Anna was struggling to pay the bills and feed her children after her marriage broke down. When she needed a helping hand to get her through the next month, we were proud to help.
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Cecilia's story

Cecilia’s story

When mental health problems happen, they can feel overwhelming. But you don’t have to cope alone. We’re always here to offer advice and support. Cecilia got in touch when she was struggling. Here’s her story.
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Connie's story

Connie’s Story

Connie was signposted to the Charity for Civil Servants by her manager when she was clearly struggling to cope at work.
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David's story

David’s story

David turned to us for help at a difficult time when an illness stopped him working. He now shines as a volunteer, raising awareness in the Civil Service community.
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Dom's story

Dom’s story

When John was diagnosed with brain cancer, his son Dom became a carer overnight. He turned to us to help work out how to get the support he needed from his department.
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Frank's Story

Frank’s story

After 70 years of marriage, retired civil servant Frank was lost when Iris died. He turned to us for help and a listening ear.
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Jonathan's Story

Jonathan’s Story

We supported Jonathan with his wellbeing through our relationship with Autism and ADHD.
Read Jonathan’s Story Read Jonathan’s Story

Marian’s story

Marian’s husband Graham was diagnosed with dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB) at 67. They adapted their home as Graham’s health worsened. When Graham died, Marian turned to us.
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Maya’s story

Maya cares for her mum, Sara, who’s recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer's. She juggles a busy job with her caring responsibilities. She reached out to get some support to help her manage her time.
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Patricia's story

Patricia’s story

Patricia and her daughter needed financial support when they were struggling to start their next chapter – they turned to their community for help.
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Rachel’s story

When her partner was tragically killed in a car accident, Rachel’s life fell apart. Dealing with grief and a worsening financial situation, she turned to us.
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Stephen's story

Stephen’s story

Stephen recently described us as his shining light during the darkest time of his life. As part of our Champion Network, he tells his story to reach out to civil service colleagues who may also be struggling
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Tom’s story

Tom and Lucy’s daughter Sophie was diagnosed with epilepsy at just two years old. The family adjusted to the diagnosis but were faced with huge challenges. We helped them buy equipment to improve the quality of their lives together.
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Umme's story

Umme’s story

When Umme’s world fell apart, she turned to us. We were able to help cover funeral costs for her baby and give emotional support.
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