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Connie's Story

Connie was signposted to the Charity for Civil Servants by her manager when she was clearly struggling to cope at work.
Connie's story

Connie visited our Civil Service Live stand to say a special thank you. She wanted to tell someone in person about what the Charity meant to her and her kids.  

Connie had been signposted to the Charity for Civil Servants by her manager when she was clearly struggling to cope at work. A relationship breakdown had created a domino effect, leading to financial problems, repossession of the family home, bankruptcy and eventually homelessness. 

We were sofa surfing with different family and friends for a while, trying to get ourselves sorted. But I had so much debt and couldn’t afford the deposit or first month’s rent for a place of our own. I ended up having a breakdown and time off work, it was a dark time in our lives.

Financial support

Connie gave us a call. We listened to and provided financial support in her time of need.

The people in the Help Team made me feel like a person again. Not a failure, not someone to be judged, just a person. And it’s a strange thing to say, but that was mind-blowing at the time.

The financial support meant that Connie and her kids now had the first stepping stone to a better future. It allowed them to finally move into a home they could call their own. They closed the chapter on living out of a suitcase between a busy day at work and school followed by sleepless nights sofa surfing. They finally felt safe and rested in their own safe space.

When I met someone from the Charity, I explained how someone from the Help Team had changed my life and I would be forever grateful. We were both in tears by the end of our conversation.

Changing lives

Donations to this charity are like ripples in a pond, they go far and wide. You can be a stone in the water and impact so many people’s lives. These are real lives we’re talking about, lives like mine and my children.

Get involved

If you’re a civil servant, facing a tough time – find out how we can help you.

Support people like Connie by making a single or regular donation, leaving a gift in your Will or by fundraising for us. With you alongside us, we can do even more to support civil servants.