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Health and wellbeing

If you feel overwhelmed, you don’t have to cope alone. We’re here to offer support.

We support current, former and retired civil servants when they face tough times.

Whether that’s mental health struggles or getting through grief, or coping with disability, we’re here to help you stay strong, whatever life brings.

We’ve been here for civil servants for generations, providing an umbrella of support when it’s needed.

Showing resilience

Wellbeing toolkit

Our digital wellbeing resources, all in one place.


Stress Test

Take our interactive quiz to discover more about how you deal with and manage stress.

Breathing out



Anxiety is a normal reaction to stress. If you are finding that anxiety is taking over, we can help.

Autism and ADHD

Sources of help and support if you or someone you care for has an autism or ADHD diagnosis.


If you or someone you care about is living with dementia, we can help you adapt.

Talk to someone

Our wellbeing team are on-hand to talk to you about your situation. We’ll listen and suggest ways we can help.

All requests for help are confidential. We do not contact anyone without their permission.

What to do in a crisis

Charity for Civil Servants is not a crisis support charity. If you are in an emergency situation, here are some organisations that can help.

Our most popular resources

Unhappy family at table
Coping with grief

Get grief support through your phone with the option of live text with a bereavement.

Male jumping for joy
Boost your wellbeing

Day-to-day wellbeing app to help you manage your wellbeing.

Stephen’s story
The support from the Charity for Civil Servants has been invaluable to me. It really has had a massive impact on my quality of life. This enabled me to move out but still live close to my daughter. I now have my own space to rebuild my life. At a time when I was starting from zero, I felt like the charity kept me going.
Stephen's story

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If you are not sure what you need or have question, contact us.

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