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upcoming webinars

Pathological Demand Disorder and Neurodivergence

31 July 2024
Autism and ADHD
This webinar explores Pathological Demand Avoidance – understanding the why and how to move forward
Sign up now Watch Pathological Demand Disorder and Neurodivergence

Supporting someone who is distressed

10 September 2024
Dementia UK
Join this webinar to learn how to support someone with dementia through periods of restlessness and distress
Sign up now Watch Supporting someone who is distressed

Neurodivergent Maternity Care

23 October 2024
Autism and ADHD
Understand how neurodivergent women experience pregnancy and giving birth differently
Sign up now Watch Neurodivergent Maternity Care

Dementia and Frailty

19 November 2024
Dementia UK
Learn about frailty in people with dementia and how to ensure they get the right care and support
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Neurodivergence and cancer

20 November 2024
Autism and ADHD
Find out how neurodivergence impacts cancer
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previous webinars

Delirium and dementia

Pam Kehoe, Dementia UK
Recognise the signs of delirium in people with dementia and how to go to for support
Watch now Watch Delirium and dementia

Autism and ADHD – Neurodivergence and Grief

Autism and ADHD
Explore ways to support neurodivergent people as they grieve.
Watch now Watch Autism and ADHD – Neurodivergence and Grief

Getting a dementia diagnosis

Dementia UK
Recognise the early symptoms of dementia and how to get support.
Watch now Watch Getting a dementia diagnosis

Facing the future

Samaritans and Lisa Colville
Discover how Facing the Future, a Samaritans service, offers online peer support for people bereaved by suicide who are struggling to cope.
Watch now Watch Facing the future

Moving for our Mental Health

Chris Robertson, Don't Tone Alone
Investigate how movement enhances our wellbeing and what we can do to capture these benefits.
Watch now Watch Moving for our Mental Health

#Little by Little

Claire Willsher, Don't Tone Alone and Andrew Hebson, Charity for Civil Servants
Discuss what stress is, why it is so common and what we can do to make it work for us and support our health and wellbeing.
Watch now Watch #Little by Little

Emotional School Avoidance

Autism and ADHD
Understand the issues around Autism and ADHD and school avoidance and the options to reduce trauma.
Watch now Watch Emotional School Avoidance

Neurodivergence and Menopause

Autism and ADHD
Explore how menopause symptoms can be heightened or differ for neurodivergent women.
Watch now Watch Neurodivergence and Menopause

Benefits and Entitlements Webinar

Charity for Civil Servants
This webinar highlights the various state benefits that are available to working age and retirement age people, and the benefits that are available for those with an illness or a disability.
Watch now Watch Benefits and Entitlements Webinar

Benefits Podcast

Tom Barrett, Auriga
Get to grips with who can apply for what benefits, exploring the details and current rules around each type.
Watch now Watch Benefits Podcast

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