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Dom's story

When John was diagnosed with brain cancer, his son Dom became a carer overnight. He turned to us to help work out how to get the support he needed from his department.
Dom's story

Dom and his sister were raised by their civil servant dad, John, single-handedly after their mum died from cancer when they were children. An incredibly strong bond between the three of them became their anchor when John was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer called glioblastoma.

It tore their world apart. John’s health rapidly declined and Dom and his sister did their best to be by his side, making sure he felt comfortable and safe.

Dom's video

I was a devoted son. I’d do anything and everything for my dad, as he had done for us

Being a carer

Dom had to quickly adapt to his new life as a carer whilst juggling a full-time job in the Ministry of Defence .

The day after he was diagnosed, everything changed. We were suddenly responsible for him and his care. Initially I didn’t see myself as a carer. I was just dad’s son and did what I had to do to look after him.

Dom went back to work and stumbled on an article about the support we give. He thought he might need some guidance around talking with his manager about the personal situation at home. He didn’t know how to broach it.

I remember having a phone call with the charity’s incredible team. I was bowled over by the warmth and gentleness of the conversation – they completely got it. It couldn’t have been simpler. Their support allowed me to focus on the things that mattered most, making precious memories with Dad, and committing to the time we had left to be with him.

Carer’s passport

We supported Dom to complete a Carer’s Passport and Carer’s Statement. These documents gather all the information about the situation and your needs as a carer.

These were the tools that allowed me to have the conversation with my line management. It meant that I got the support I needed. Without it, I probably would have struggled more.

helping other carers

John passed away surrounded by the love of his son and daughter. Dom now wants to help create the same supportive environment for other carers within his community.

I hope that my story about the support I received from the Charity of Civil Servants inspires others . I have no doubt that they will be able to guide you as they guided me. I am eternally grateful

If you are in a similar position, we have carers tools and resources to support you. This includes help with completing your Civil Service Carer’s Passport and / or Carer’s Statement.

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