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Will you help me if I have savings?

Read our guidelines around savings before applying for financial assistance.

Our savings limit

When the unexpected happens, we may be able to help. Our financial assistance programme gives grants to cover unexpected costs.

To be eligible for financial assistance, your total household savings and capital should not exceed £6,000.

What we count as capital

Capital refers to a person’s cash or financial assets. It’s a total sum of different assets.

Capital includes:

  • cash
  • premium bonds
  • ISAs, stocks and shares, unit trusts
  • credit balances in bank or building society accounts
  • bitcoin assets
  • property or land you own that is not your normal residence, even if it is in negative equity.

We would not normally help if your total household savings and capital exceeds £6000.

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If you still own a property but have had to move to a different one due to illness, onerous caring responsibilities, relationship breakdown, sudden change of working location or a temporary move with relatives or friends to reduce expenditure, we may consider help.

We include any savings and assets that can be accessed within a six-month period (whether or not they incur a financial penalty).

We disregard any loan or monies received by you, in advance, which will be used for essential repairs or adaptations.

We will consider cases where capital is above £6,000 where there is evidenced need to purchase a high value essential item that is within the scope of our grant-giving and you’re contributing to this. An example of this is a Disabled Facilities Grant.

The extent to which the £6,000 capital is disregarded depends on the amount of assistance needed and your circumstances. For example, if a small item is being requested and it would be reasonable to use some of the capital to do this because it can be replenished, we would advise you to do this.

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What you need to know before you apply

Am I eligible?

We support current former and retired civil servants and their dependants.

What we cover

Our financial assistance is for unexpected costs. Here’s a list of what we cover.

How to apply

All your questions answered about the process of applying for support.

Other sources of help

If your savings mean that you are not eligible for financial assistance, we recommend that you use Lightning Reach to search for alternative sources of help. You could also approach your union if you are a member.

What to do in a crisis

Charity for Civil Servants is not a crisis support charity. If you are in an emergency situation, here are some organisations that can help.

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