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Newcastle colleagues sign up for their tenth annual Mega Miles Challenge

The Pace Artists get ready for the 2024 Mega Miles Challenge

the group of current and retired civil servants are returning once again to raise vital funds for charity for civil servants.

Five friends from Newcastle are coming together through the month of May to raise money to help civil servants experiencing hardship.

The Pace Artists - a Mega Miles Challenge team walking

Sharon, Mark, Neil, Deborah and Deb, who are all members of “The Pace Artists”, have taken part in the annual fundraising challenge to support Charity for Civil Servants, a charity that exists to support current and former civil servants in times of unexpected hardship.

For Neil, taking part in the Mega Miles Challenge is his way of giving back to a Charity that helps his community. All whilst lifting his spirit by getting out in the fresh air.

Being a civil servant is all about people. It’s about helping each other and reminding them of the good in this world. That sense of community is behind every step of our journey.

The 2024 Mega Miles Challenge, which this year takes place during National Walking Month in May, aims to raise over £100,000 to help provide a vital umbrella of support for colleagues experiencing unexpected hardship or struggling to cope. People like Aiden.

Aiden's story


A homophobic attack left Aiden feeling vulnerable and anxious. Therapy sessions helped him to recover but the cost of them risked pushing him into debt.

Speaking about their fundraising efforts, Alex Anderson, Head of Community Fundraising said, “As the charity at the heart of our Civil Service community, we are so incredibly grateful for the support of groups like The Pace Artists, who come together to raise money for their charity. To be able to continue helping people like Aiden and the hundreds of colleagues who approach the charity every week is a source of immense pride, and knowing that it is only possible thanks to the fundraising efforts of so many civil servants.”

Registration for The 2024 Mega Miles challenge is open now

Charity for Civil Servants is calling on all civil servants to take part in Mega Miles Challenge this May and join a community of people strolling, walking, jogging, and even running, to support colleagues that need our help right now.

Lets go the extra mile together

Every mile matters and every penny raised will help fellow civil servants through life’s tough times.

Together, how far can we go?

How it works

Taking part is easy, just follow these five simple steps:

  • Sign up for free (this creates your fundraising page)
  • Choose your distance target and plan when you will do it
  • Decide whether you will take part as a team or on your own
  • Share your fundraising page with friends and family
  • Get moving and have some fun!

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