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Umme's story

When Umme’s world fell apart, she turned to us. We were able to help cover funeral costs for her baby and give emotional support.
Umme's story

We support current, former and retired civil servants when they face tough times. We provide an umbrella of support in the darkest of times. We support civil servants and their families. Families like Umme’s.

Umme's video

Umme’s family

Umme started working for the Civil Service in 2005. She worked hard to progress within the Department for Work and Pensions. In addition to a successful career, Umme also wanted a family.

She fell pregnant with twins and celebrated with her husband. Sadly, she miscarried just a few weeks later. After trying to move forward, she fell pregnant again. At 23 weeks, she gave birth to a baby girl, named Hamidah.

She only weighed 500 grams because she was so premature. We called her our little bag of sugar. As soon as I gave birth, I was constantly by her side in intensive care.

Although the doctors did everything they could to save Hamidah’s life, she tragically passed away just three days later.

Funeral costs

In the Muslim community, it’s tradition to bury deceased loved ones as soon as possible. Umme and her family had to make funeral plans quickly.

She died on the Saturday. We were able to bury her on the Sunday. Luckily, the people at the mosque said we could pay the funeral costs later but we were already struggling financially. We just couldn’t afford it

Umme’s work friends wanted to help. They suggested that she get in touch with us. After a supportive conversation with our team, we were able to provide financial support to the family during this difficult time. Umme and her husband finally had the space to rebuild the world around them after saying goodbye to their baby girl.

Following her death, we came under some financial strains and that’s when the charity actually helped us out and eased a lot of the burden we were going through at the time. Not just financially but emotionally as well. I needed to turn to someone who wasn’t family, wasn’t a friend, wasn’t somebody that knew me and somebody who wouldn’t judge me. Somebody who wanted to listen to me and to help me.

Rebuilding their lives

In more recent years, Umme and her husband have had a healthy baby boy who they describe as their “ease after great hardships.” With her strong family unit behind her, Umme is now ready to talk about what happened. She hopes to unite serving and former civil servants and support grieving parents across the UK.

I didn’t want anyone to know anything at the time. But now, eight years later, I feel ready. It’s important to share my story if it means I can help other people. I want to give back in whatever way I can.

CFCS has always helped the most vulnerable in our community. I want people to know that they changed my life for the better when I needed them most. They are continuing to work hard to do the same for others. If it’s possible, please donate what you can so they can continue to support us all

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