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Patricia's story

Patricia and her daughter needed financial support when they were struggling to start their next chapter – they turned to their community for help.
Patricia's story

Patricia and her daughter Aoifè are very close. They’ve experienced huge life changes together, not knowing they were each other’s rock.   

Following a relationship breakdown, Patricia moved out of a family home with her daughter hoping to start a new chapter.  At just nine years old, Aoifè wasn’t aware of what was going on, but was happy to be on a new adventure with her mum.  

Facing challenges together

Patricia tried to put on a brave face but felt incredibly stressed. Moving from place to place and financially struggling, they eventually found the right spot but couldn’t afford any furniture. As they slept in sleeping bags on hard floors night after night, they were also hit by another bombshell. It was around the same time that Aoifè was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. 

She’s always been so adaptive, I’m so proud of her. We’re very close and face each challenge together but we were both exhausted at that point. That’s when my colleague recommended reaching out to the Charity for Civil Servants.

Financial support

Patricia gave us a call and was provided the headspace to talk about her situation. We found that we were able to pay towards new beds and a sofa, enabling Patricia and Aoifè to finally make their house a home.  

I remember Aoifè jumping up and down shouting ‘Wow!’ when her bed arrived, bless her. I told her that we have our very own charity who wanted to help us. We’ve both never forgotten that day.

We were also able to help when Patricia’s fridge broke down some time later. It’s essential for insulin to be stored in cold temperatures so when Patricia couldn’t afford a new one, she reached out to her community in her time of need. 

I was really panicking because I needed to keep the insulin safe for Aoifè. So when the Charity said they could help me buy a new one, they had essentially helped me keep my daughter safe. It means a lot to both of us.

All these years later, Aoifè is now a successful young woman who’s followed in her mum’s footsteps. After seeing how proud her mum is to be a civil servant, she’s doing her own work experience in the Civil Service as part of her university degree.  

Aoifè says

My mum’s my best friend, she’s my role model… and to have our own charity, I think that’s an amazing thing, especially for families like me and mum. I was only a kid when you helped us but I know it made a huge difference to our lives.

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