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There’s still time to get to the top!

As we approach the halfway line in this year’s Mega Miles Challenge – we’re seeing some mega efforts from all departments. However, it’s DWP that’s currently gracing the top of the leaderboards with the highest number of sign-ups, money raised and distance travelled. How are the other departments doing? Check out the Mega Miles Challenge leaderboards.

If you love a bit of healthy competition, there’s still time to boost your department’s position in the leaderboards. Do you know colleagues who aren’t taking part yet? Encourage them to join your team. You can organise one big walk with your department or add on the miles a bit each day till the end of May. Every mile secures you a little further up that leaderboard.

Mo and Ayisha from DWP said

We were so inspired by a Welcome to your Charity talk, learning the stories of the people the Charity help, that we decided to take on the Challenge. The Charity is non-judgmental and helps wherever they can and we’ve even used some of their online resources which really helped. Our way of supporting our amazing community is setting our own Mega Miles Challenge for two weeks in May – weather dependent, we’ll be making hay while the sun shines.

Mega Miles Challenge Dog Walking

Which department will be hot to trot for the top spots next week? You can still make that difference. Sign up your colleagues and check our socials for more tips, tricks and advice to make sure you make May as Mega as you can.

Inspired? Sign up now.

Remember that you can set your own movement goals, so whether it’s a mile or 10 miles a day, make it mega your way. If you’re home based, go out for a lunch time walk and if you’re in the office, take your colleagues with you.

Kat and Kev from MOD are looking forward to the challenge.

We’ll be starting small and working our way up. It will give us something to focus on for those few extra miles each visit. We felt so proud taking part last year, that we’ve got our whole teams to join in this year to help spread awareness of the Charity and tap into those networks for more fundraising. Last year we were so close to being the top fundraisers in our department that this year we really want to give back and make a bigger difference.

Make sure you share your challenge with us. Wherever you spend your time online, we’re there. Facebook and Insta addict? Tag us. X fan? Tweet us. Or if you’re already signed up, share your Mega journey with the community that you’re raising awareness of, and money for by joining our Private Facebook group. 

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