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CSIS Charity Fund celebrates major donation milestone

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The longstanding partnership between Charity for Civil Servants and the Civil Service Insurance Society (CSIS) Charity Fund celebrated a milestone this month, having enabled grants of over £2m in just the last ten years alone to help civil servants experiencing hardship. 

The Fund, which makes grants to a range of charities from the proceeds of the Civil Service Insurance Society, has been a long-standing supporter of Charity for Civil Servants, enabling colleagues experiencing unexpected hardship to access an umbrella of financial and wellbeing support in times of need.

Celebrating the amazing £2m milestone over the last decade, CSIS Managing Director Ann Pelaez said,

Doing something that makes a positive impact on the lives of civil servants matters to us at the Civil Service Insurance Society. To be part of a vibrant community of current and retired civil servants and supporting amazing organisations like Charity for Civil Servants means a lot to our staff and our customers. Thank you to all our customers who have helped us to support such an important cause.

Ann Palaez, CSIS Managing Director

The impact of £2m on civil servants in need

Recently, Charity for Civil Servants Director of Help Flavia Gapper and CSIS Charity Fund Grants Committee Chair Ray Flanigan sat down to talk about a decade of impact within the community. Ray commented, ‘ever since we were founded in 1908, CSIS and its Charity Fund have been committed to the Civil Service community, and the Charity Fund have been delighted to make a difference to hundreds of civil servants like Peter* from the MoD.’

Peter’s Story

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Peter* (whose name’s been changed to protect his identity) approached the Charity for Civil Servants because he’d let money problems get out of control.

I’d buried my head in the sand as my money problems got steadily worse, to the point where I didn’t know what to do for the best. The toolkit on the Charity’s website was really informative, non-judgemental, and gave me clear advice on how to take control of my finances. Without help from Charity for Civil Servants, I would probably have lost my job. Thank you for being there for me and my family.

That toolkit was funded by a grant from the CSIS Charity Fund and has since helped hundreds of other civil servants get the advice, guidance and support they needed to get their finances back in control. Sometimes though, that isn’t possible, and more help is needed from the Charity. 

Charity for Civil Servants responded to over 4,800 cases during 2023 and relies upon donations like those from the CSIS Charity Fund. Every month, your Charity spends over £250,000 providing the umbrella of support that is so desperately needed by current, former and retired civil servants across the UK.

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Flavia described a memorable situation where the funding from CSIS Charity Fund meant Charity for Civil Servants was able to help Lois* from the Office of Secretary of State for Wales. 

Lois’s story

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Lois* (whose name we’ve changed to protect her identity) had to move home unexpectedly when her relationship broke down. She managed to put together the deposit for a flat using her credit card, but with no other money for furniture, and her salary only covering the rent and essential bills, things started to spiral out of control. A grant to get some furniture and to provide breathing space to sort out a repayment plan for her debts made all the difference to Lois. 

Charity for Civil Servants Chief Executive Graham Hooper said,

As a community we are better together. As a charity, we’re only able to help thousands of people each year who experience unexpected hardship because of the generous support of donors and supporters like CSIS Charity Fund. Giving over £2m has meant Charity for Civil Servants has been able to provide that vital umbrella of support needed by hundreds of people in need over the last ten years, and on behalf of them I’d like to say a very big thank you to the customers and staff at Civil Service Insurance Society (CSIS) and CSIS Charity Fund.

Graham Hooper
Graham Hooper, Charity for Civil Servants CEO

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