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GamCare Parenting Workshop


About this webinar

Did you know that 40% of young people (11-16) participated in Gambling activity in last 12 months? (Gambling Commission, 2023)

Most young people do not take part in “traditional” gambling, however gambling-related activities have become very common in most forms of online gaming, and young people can get caught out or find themselves in a difficult situation without realising it. A 2019 Gambling Commission research study showed that 81% of all under-18s game online, and 44% have spent their own money on in-game items.

GamCare is the leading UK provider of free information, advice, and support for anyone harmed by gambling. In this webinar, learn how to recognise the risk factors, signs and symptoms of gambling-related harm and the links between gambling and gaming. Find out how to talk to young people about gambling-related harm and where to seek help if they need it.

In our parents’ workshop attendees will:

  • Identify the signs, symptoms and impacts of harmful gambling on young people
  • Recognise gambling-related elements in the games young people play online
  • Discuss gaming and gambling with your young person
  • Increase awareness of the support options available for young people
Webinar details
23 May 2024