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Gambling and Debt


About this webinar

The Gambling Awareness and Prevention (GAP) Programme is a partnership between GamCare, Breakeven, Aquarius, and NECA. This webinar is designed for anyone experiencing gambling-related harms or supporting someone who is experiencing gambling-related harms. This webinar aims to reduce harm by equipping people to undertake early intervention and prevention.

You’ll increase your knowledge of recognising gambling-related harms, identifying appropriate screening questions and increasing awareness of the stigma on an individual affected by gambling-related harm. Through this webinar you’ll also be informed about the range of support services and referral pathways for those affected by gambling-related harms.

The webinar will cover:

  • what is gambling?
  • how gambling becomes harmful
  • how others are affected
  • stigma of gambling
  • talking about gambling harms
  • signposting and support
Webinar details
25 June 2024