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A charity that’s just for you


We’re here for all civil servants when life gets tough

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We know that civil servants are dealing with increasing pressures on their daily lives. From mental health struggles and financial assistance to relationship issues, getting through grief, and coping with disability, we’re here to help people stay strong, whatever life brings. We’ve been here for civil servants for generations, providing an umbrella of support when it’s needed.

We’ve got a brand new look but still provide the same help and advice services to anyone across the Civil Service.

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Anna’s story
I cannot express to you what that money meant to me at that time. It meant I could put food on the table for my kids. It’s as simple as that. To have a charity like this, just for us civil servants… it’s incredible. To everyone who donates, know that you’ve helped me get my kids through the toughest time of their lives. And mine. Thank you.
Anna's story

Your support helps us to give a much-needed helping hand

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