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Thank you, volunteers

Amazing volunteers, thank you for everything you’ve done to support our work over the past year!

This year marks the 40th anniversary of Volunteers’ Week and we’re joining thousands of charities and voluntary organisations across the UK in recognising the contribution volunteers make across the board to so many communities.

Volunteers' Week logo 2024

Volunteers are often unseen and unrecognised by many, visible only through the incredible impact of their volunteering, so we’re celebrating your efforts during Volunteers’ Week for all you contribute to our local communities, the voluntary sector and society as a whole, as it’s never been more important. 

Volunteers for Charity for Civil Servants are so important in supporting our work, playing their part in helping civil servants who are really struggling in so many ways. From being helped, to seeing the difference just signposting someone to the website or our social media can make. Our volunteers help keep the Civil Service Community strong and well. 

If you’re feeling inspired to give back to the community and volunteer for the Charity, take a look to find out more about the kind of things you can do. Whether you’ve got lots of time or just a couple of hours a month, there’s plenty of opportunities to get involved and make a difference to your community.

David, one of our volunteers tells us

When someone is going through a tough time and you show them there’s light at the end of the tunnel, you really feel like you’ve done something for someone… That’s what volunteering is all about. It’s about real community spirit.

Read what our wonderful volunteers have to say about why they volunteer for the Charity or watch their videos.

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